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The Sarcoma and Stem Cells at the Health Research Institute of Asturias / Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria del Principado de Asturias (ISPA) (https://www.ispasturias.es/; Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias, Av/ de Roma, s/n) in Oviedo seeks a PhD candidate to apply for the Call from de AECC-2019 and other upcoming calls.

Our group focuses on tree main lines of research:
(i) development and characterization of patient-derived models (cell lines, organoids and PDXs) of different sarcoma subtypes for the implementation of precision medicine strategies;
(ii) Isolate and characterize cancer stem cell (CSC) subpopulations within the tumors;
(iii) Search altered signaling in sarcoma which may constitute new therapeutic strategies able to target CSCs in vitro and in vivo.

Recent publications from the group:
• V Rey et al. J Clin Med 2019, 8(4), 455, 2019.
• Estupiñan et al. Int J Cancer, vol.145: 254-266, 2019.
• J Tornin et al., Neoplasia, vol. 20(1):44-56, 2018.
• L Martinez-Cruzado et al. Neoplasia, vol. 19(6):460-470, 2017.
• L Martinez-Cruzado et al. Sci Rep, vol. 6:27878, 2016.
• A Alfranca et al. Cellular and Molecular Life Science, vol. 72(16):3097-113, 2015.

Requirements of candidates:
Degree and Master in Life Sciences.
Degree scores minimum 7.5 (in 0-10 scale; Spanish system).
Highly motivated, dynamic and eager to learn and a team player.
Interested applicants should send their CV, cover letter and at least 1 reference to: René Rodríguez ([email protected]).Procedencia OIB-FICYT País España

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